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magu makes games

Marmortal (2021 - ongoing)


First-person shooter / 3D platformer in a fantasy setting.

The game breaks genre conventions with an exceptional aesthetic and a unique health system, encouraging fast and fluid movement through a surreal tower of marble. The tower itself acts as the antagonist, trying to stop the player from reaching their goal: undoing a wish that they regret. 

The prototype “Fhaesir’s Pride” was made with Unity by a team of 10 game design master’s students. Currently in development with Unreal Engine 5.


Won overall second place in the Bit1 2021 student game competition.

My roles

Current: Level design, game design, narrative.

Original prototype: Tech lead, game design, level design.

Get the game

Marmortal: Fhaesir’s Pride prototype out now!

Platform: Windows PC.

Shelled Shinobi (2020)

Shelled Shinobi logo

“Slide and bounce around in your shell at high speed, switching to running mode for precise jumps and quick turns.“

Tight parkour platforming presented with graffiti-themed pixel art and juicy animation. Solo project made with PICO-8.


My roles

Solo: Game design, level design, programming, art, sfx.

Get the game

Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), HTML5 (in-browser, also most mobile devices).